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New Directions Practice Managment

You take your medical practice seriously, so do we. We deliver solutions supporting all the processes of your medical practice while improving your financial bottom line. 

Our Services

Our Services

Through our expertise, we can expedite the credentialing process and allow your team to focus on what you do best – providing the highest quality patient care. 

Revenue Cycle Management

The revenue cycle for a medical practice includes multiple functions that must be performed at optimal levels by all involved physicians, managers, and staff

Imaging, Procedural & Surgical Authorization

Through outsourcing these services to our professionals, significant cost savings are realized to your organization and staff time is gained to preform much needed indirect patient care services.  

A/R Recovery

We offer an unique approach to aggressively pursue outstanding claims with insurance carriers resulting in higher revenues, identify trends and denial types for educational training with reduction of denial rate on future claims, and leverage our knowledge of insurance patterns of rejections to collect on what most consider noncollectable

Benefit/Eligibility Check

Our team of professionals have created systems through effective verification of benefits that when utilized will significantly increase revenues while allowing your staff to better care for patient needs.  

Don't See What You're Looking For?

Contact us for a complimentary practice assessment. Let's explore how we can work together. 

Practice Assesmen
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